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News Articles

NEWSSerious side effects force a third of diabetics to quit common drug

December 28th 2017 in Diabetes, Diseases

The side effects of the world's most commonly-prescribed diabetes drug are so severe that around a third of patients stop taking it, a new study has discovered.

NEWSDiabetes can be reversed with a low-calorie diet

December 6th 2017 in Diabetes

Diabetes isn't just a disease that has to be managed—it can be reversed with a low-calorie diet, a...

NEWSWhy breakfast is the most important meal of the day

December 1st 2017 in Diabetes

...l of the day. Eating plenty of carbs before noon helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, researchers have discovered.

NEWSYou can reprogram your 'bad' DNA with a healthy diet

October 30th 2017 in Diabetes, Diseases, Environment

You're not destined to get any disease—such as diabetes or even breast cancer—just because of your DNA. You can reprogram your genetic inheritanc...

NEWSBig Pharma takes tighter control of world's leading 'independent' health websites

October 26th 2017 in Diabetes, Drugs

Many of the world's major medical websites are now owned directly—or indirectly—by the pharmaceu...

NEWSIt's never too late to start a healthy diet

September 29th 2017 in Diabetes

... such as weight loss and lower body fat, and all that that implies, such as reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease.

NEWSAntidepressants increase risk of premature death by 33%

September 20th 2017 in Drugs

Antidepressants don't just increase the risk of suicide—people taking the drugs are 33 per cent mo...

NEWSArtificial sweeteners increasing diabetes risk in just 14 days

September 18th 2017 in Diabetes

People pop an artificial sweetener in their drink to help prevent diabetes—but the products could instead be increasing the risk in just two weeks.

NEWSDark chocolate, olive oil and coffee: the 3 essentials for a long and healthy life

September 11th 2017

Start adding dark chocolate, coffee and olive oil to your daily diet to have a long and healthy life...

NEWSCut sitting time by just 20 minutes a day to reduce heart risk

September 7th 2017 in Diabetes, Heart Health

We all sit around too much. But we don't have to spend hours and hours exercising to redress the bal...


FEATUREReversing the irreversible

September 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 6) in Diabetes, Drugs

The soaring rate of sugar disease comes with a brutal price tag: lives, limbs, poor health and high ...

FEATUREGood point

April 2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 1) in Diabetes, Drugs, Health Success Stories, How I Beat

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that really takes you to the edge,” said Maira Silva, a scien...


February 2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 11) in Diabetes

It’s the sugar from carbs—not the fats from meat—that cause heart disease, and now doctors are...

FEATUREA sweet solution to Alzheimer’s

January 2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 10) in Dental, Diabetes, Diseases

The latest evidence suggests that Alzheimer’s disease is, effectively, ‘diabetes’ of the brain. In fact, some researchers claim the two illnesses are so similar that Alzh...

FEATUREBerberine vs metformine for type 2 diabetes

May 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 2)

Can a herbal compound work just as well as the world’s top blood-sugar-lowering pill? Joanna Evans...

FEATUREThe Secret Cause of Diabetes

February 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 11) in Diabetes, Drugs

Diabetics are told their pancreas has packed up from overweight or insulin resistance, but with his ...

FEATUREThe not-so-sweet truth

October 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 7) in Diabetes

When it comes to sugary drinks, the facts are inescapable, says Rob Verkerk

FEATUREThe good food guide to a healthy heart

October 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 7) in Diabetes, Drugs, Heart Health

...sing on the quality of the food we eat-won't help us beat the epidemic of heart disease and diabetes, says a leading cardiologist

FEATUREDrink four cups of coffee a day to stop colon cancer coming back

September 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 6) in Diabetes

People recovering from colon cancer should start drinking coffee-lots of it-as it seems to stop the ...

FEATURESugar babies

June 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 3) in Diabetes, Diseases, Drugs

Feline diabetes can be controlled with the right diet and supplements, says natural vet Dr Paul BolandQ

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