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FEATURE Foods that fight asthma

September 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 6) /

Most people with asthma turn to inhalers or steroids to control their condition, but a number of simple foods and supplements can end your wheezing forever, says Dr Leo Galland

FEATURE Easing into fitness

May 2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 2) /

If you want to improve your fitness, you need to use your brain, not just your body, says movement expert Anat Baniel

FEATURE A microscopic solution - The best gut bugs to lose weight

March 2016 (Vol. 26 Issue 12) /

Scientists have identified a microscopic universe of tiny microbes in our gut that seems to have a great deal to do with our weight, as Celeste McGovern has discovered

NEWS Children`s sleep problems caused by lead poisoning

November 17th 2015 /

Lead poisoning is one of the causes of sleep problems in small children, a major new study has found.

FEATURE Why I gave up my vegan diet

November 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 8) /

During the almost six years I was a vegan, I was never militantly against other people eating animals, but I did make it clear that their steak came from what had once been a living, sentient being with eyes and a brain that ate, slept and played with its friends on the farm

FEATURE Treat your IBS with yoga

November 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 8) /

In a culture where we tend to live in our heads, voices from our bellies often go unheard

NEWS Losing weight could be down to the bacteria in your gut

October 22nd 2015 /

If you can't lose weight when you go on a diet, it may not be your fault-it could be the fault of your gut, or more exactly, how many different types of bacteria it contains

NEWS Prunes (dried plums) are good for the gut, and protect us from colon cancer

September 29th 2015 /

Eating prunes (or dried plums) can improve gut health and reduce the risk of colon cancer, the second most lethal cancer in the West

NEWS Probiotics reverse milk allergy in toddlers

September 23rd 2015 /

Probiotics can reverse milk allergies in toddlers and young children, new research has discovered

NEWS Recognize electro-sensitivity as a disease, scientists urge WHO

September 17th 2015 /

A group of scientists and doctors is calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to recognise electro-sensitivity and chemical sensitivity as recognised diseases that are already affecting many people around the world

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