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NEWS Fish oils repair stroke damage in the brain

April 24th 2017

Fish oils can help repair brain and eye cells that are damaged by a stroke, and neuro-degenerative and retinal diseases. The omega-3 fatty acids contain proteins that help the cells reprogramme themselves, scientists have discovered this week.

NEWS Omega-3 fish oils protect the brain after a stroke

August 24th 2016

Taking omega-3 fatty acids after a stroke could help repair any damage to the brain, a new study suggests.

NEWS The 10 ways you can avoid stroke

July 27th 2016 /

Stroke is the second major killer in the world—and it’s also the most avoidable. There are 10 simple things that can eliminate up to 90 per cent of all cases, researchers say.

NEWS Taking painkillers for just 14 days increases heart attack risk

July 13th 2016

People taking an over-the-counter painkiller for even a few weeks are increasing their risk of heart attack and stroke—and they need to think twice before taking the medication at all, America’s drug regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned in a new, stronger alert.

NEWS Salt isn’t bad for the heart—it prevents heart attacks and stroke

May 25th 2016 /

Eating salt is bad for our heart, right? Wrong. Despite all the public health warnings, the very reverse seems to be true—salt could prevent a heart attack and stroke. Only people with high blood pressure (hypertension) need to mind their salt intake, say researchers.

FEATURE A sugar pill for all your mental ills

2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 8) /

Psychiatric drugs are dangerous, and one researcher reckons they are the third major cause of death after heart disease and cancer. They also don't work any better than a placebo.

FEATURE The good food guide to a healthy heart

2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 7) /

Counting calories-instead of focusing on the quality of the food we eat-won't help us beat the epidemic of heart disease and diabetes, says a leading cardiologist

NEWS Cheers! Drinking beer helps reduce heart attack risk in women

September 29th 2015 /

Women who drink beer once or twice a week are 30 per cent less likely to suffer a heart attack, a new study has found

NEWS Contraceptive pill too dangerous for women who smoke or suffer migraines

September 23rd 2015

Women who take the contraceptive pill-and also smoke, or have high blood pressure or have a history of migraine-run a high risk of having a life-threatening stroke, and should be encouraged to use a different method of birth control

NEWS Psychiatric drugs are third major killer after heart disease and cancer

September 17th 2015 /

Psychiatric drugs for insomnia, depression and anxiety are the third major killer in the West after heart disease and cancer, a major new review has concluded

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