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FEATURE We believed them when they said the HPV vaccine was safe

2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 3) /

Lotte Amit has not lived a proper life for two years since she had the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer

FEATURE The kitty killers

2012 (Vol. 23 Issue 1) /

Common household pollutants, such as the flame retardants found in furni-ture, could be contributing to hyperthyroidism in cats-a leading cause of illness in our older-aged feline friends

FEATURE Graves Disease

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 3) /

Q) A friend of mine in her early 20s has been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid caused by Graves' disease-a condition her father also has

FEATURE Chemical Kitties

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

We may inadvertently be contaminating our pets with a slew of toxic chemicals at high doses, according to an environmental group

FEATURE Flame retardants: Playing with fire

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), a group of neurotoxic chemicals that

FEATURE Atrial Fibrillation

2009 (Vol. 20 Issue 1) /

Q) A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and I'm looking into alternative treatments

NEWS Hypothyroidism: When you've got it, and what you can do about it

January 16th 2009

Most of us know about hyperthyroidism - where the thyroid gland becomes over-active - but how many know about the opposite condition, hypothyroidism? It's even more common, and yet most sufferers don't even know they have the problem

FEATURE Unhealthy hair and hair loss

2007 (Vol. 18 Issue 2) /

A reader has lost most of her eyelashes and eyebrows and is worried that the hair on her head may be next

FEATURE Hypothyroidism

2005 (Vol. 16 Issue 8) /

Causes of an underactive thyroid

FEATURE Contrast agents

2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 5) /

What do they do?Contrast agents are chemicals used to enhance medical and diagnostic images such as X-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans

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