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NEWS Pollutants in fish could be causing irregular heart beat

February 1st 2017 /

Eating healthily but suffering from irregular heart beat (arrhythmia)? The answer could be the fish in your diet—they are getting contaminated from oil spills, and the oil has a pollutant that can affect heart health.

NEWS Slow heart rate not dangerous—but slowing the heart with drugs could be

February 24th 2016

Having a heart rate that is naturally abnormally slow won’t cause heart disease—but taking drugs that lower the rate might. The drugs, including beta blockers and calcium channel blockers, can lead to cardiovascular heart disease and premature death, new research has found.

NEWS Coffee doesn’t make the heart beat faster (even if it feels like it does)

February 1st 2016 /

You know the feeling: you drink a strong cup of coffee and your heart starts beating faster. Except, it doesn’t, say researchers; coffee, tea and chocolate don’t affect our heart rhythm, and, in fact, may be good for our heart.

FEATURE Common painkillers cause heart flutter

2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 6) /

Common painkillers, such as aspirin and codeine, can cause atrial fibrillation-disturbance of the healthy beating of the heart-that can lead to stroke and heart failure

FEATURE Avoiding heart flutters

2011 (Vol. 22 Issue 6) /

Doctors are being told not to prescribe Multaq to patients with permanent AF, but a key question is whether and how the results of the PALLAS apply to patients taking Multaq for the approved indications (non-permanent or paroxysmal AF)

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