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NEWS Dementia: Light therapy can reverse the problem, scientists discover

January 31st 2008

Scientists reckon they've stumbled on a way to reverse the effects of dementia and memory loss

FEATURE More on homeopathy, please

2006 (Vol. 16 Issue 11)

In my tiny beginner's homeopathy practise, I've had tremendously positive results for polycystic ovaries (two) and chronic cold sores (one) and, at college last weekend, a lecture included a spectacularly successful treatment for PCOS

FEATURE A very peculiar pecking order

2005 (Vol. 15 Issue 11)

, a 28-year-old single woman, was troubled by cold sores, which seemed to be triggered by citrus

FEATURE There's no good evidence to blame fats for disease

2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 7)

I was sad to read re cold sores (WDDTY vol 15 no 4) that you advocate non-fat yoghurt and other dairy

FEATURE Rescuing yourself from cold sores

2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 4)

In March 2000 WDDTY (vol 10 no 12), CH of London enquired about natural treatments for cold sores

FEATURE Hot cures for cold sores

2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 3)

We would like to clarify the oft repeated warning that cold sores can be passed around the body in your otherwise interesting article on cold sores (WDDTY vol 10 no 12)

NEWS Gps worried by otc drugs

August 1st 1994 /

Pharmacists should be looking out for any serious reactions among their customers who are able to buy a growing range of powerful drugs over the counter

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