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NEWS The three steps to prevent heart disease (and eating less saturated fat isn't one of them)

May 2nd 2017

It's something WDDTY has been pointing out for years: the 'clogged pipe' theory of heart disease is wrong. Instead, it's a problem of inflammation, and there are three important changes you need to make to your life to reduce your chances of getting the West's number one killer, say three heart experts.

NEWS Garlic extract clears arteries of fat deposits

January 25th 2016

Garlic extract can clear the arteries of plaque, usually the precursor of a heart attack. It slows the accumulation of ‘soft plaque’ by up to 80 per cent, and reduces the amount of fatty deposits in the arteries, a new study has found.

NEWS Losing weight could be down to the bacteria in your gut

October 22nd 2015 /

If you can't lose weight when you go on a diet, it may not be your fault-it could be the fault of your gut, or more exactly, how many different types of bacteria it contains

NEWS The supplement that reduces your body's ageing processes

August 25th 2015 /

Nobody wants to get old, or suffer the chronic problems of ageing-but it may not be inevitable if the benefits of one nutritional supplement are to be believed, scientists have said this week

NEWS Popular antidepressant increases build-up of fatty deposits in arteries six-fold

April 8th 2015 /

One of the most popular antidepressants could dramatically increase the risk of heart disease

NEWS Bad gums are a major cause of heart disease, researchers prove

May 23rd 2014

Add bad teeth and gums to the list of causes of heart disease

NEWS Why a vegetarian diet is better for your heart

April 8th 2013

Scientists think they have finally figured out why vegetarian and vegan diets are so much better for our hearts

NEWS The good, the bad - and now the ugly cholesterol

January 23rd 2013 /

First there was 'bad' cholesterol (which wasn't bad after all, but still launched the mega-billion dollar statin drug market)-and now there is ugly cholesterol

NEWS Diabetics' clogged arteries caused by low vitamin D levels

November 19th 2012

Low vitamin D levels play an essential role in diabetes-and now researchers have discovered that a deficiency is the cause of clogged arteries and heart disease in diabetics

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