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FEATURE Busting the binge cycle

2017 (Vol. 28 Issue 2) /

The shocking truth about alcoholism is that Alcoholics Anonymous doesn't really work, says Cate Montana. Try these natural ways to cut down on your drinking.

FEATURE The New Dangers of Vaping

2017 (Vol. 27 Issue 11) /

E-cigarettes were supposed to be the ‘safe’ way to wean yourself off tobacco. But, as Cate Montana learns, vaping comes with a new set of dangers

FEATURE Lithium: Miracle-Gro for the brain

2016 (Vol. 27 Issue 7) /

Lithium, a mineral largely disparaged as an obsolete treatment for mental illness, is proving to be a magic bullet for all manner of conditions—from fibromyalgia to alcoholism, as Cate Montana discovers

NEWS Sugar addiction is all in the brain, literally

August 15th 2016 /

Spare a thought for people with a sugar craving—they really do have the food on the brain. In fact, cells in the brain are actively seeking out sugar in the blood, researchers have discovered this week.

NEWS Meditation is a natural pain-killer (and it does it in a unique way)

March 16th 2016

Addiction to painkillers such as opiates has become a crisis in the West—but mindfulness meditation is a safer alternative that’s just as effective, say researchers who have tested the technique against a powerful painkiller.

NEWS E-cigarettes make it even harder to quit

January 20th 2016

If you want to quit smoking, don’t use e-cigarettes as a half-way house. Smokers who do are even less likely to give up tobacco, a new study has discovered.

NEWS Overdosing on prescription painkillers the major cause of death in the US

December 8th 2015 /

Around three-quarters of heroin addicts start out by taking prescription drugs such as painkillers. Overdosing on the drugs is now the leading cause of injury death in the US, a shocking new report reveals.

NEWS Painkiller addiction down to doctors' over-prescribing

February 10th 2015

Painkiller addiction has usually been blamed on recreational use, often among teenagers

NEWS Drug co bribed doctors to give antidepressants to children

July 4th 2012 /

A drug company has been fined $3bn after it bribed doctors into prescribing powerful antidepressants to children

NEWS Alcohol: After all the contradictory advice, what's the safe amount to drink?

February 6th 2012

In the past few weeks, doctors have come up with three different pieces of advice about drinking alcohol, and each contradicts the other

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