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Rose thorn tenosynovitis

18 Nov 2017 @ 18:26PM


I am female, 56 and have a serious problem with my left index finger. The middle joint has been painful and swollen for over a year now with loss of 50% of function and a recent X-ray just showed "showing signs of joint degeneration" and was just put down to osteoarthritis with nothing I can do. I find this hard to accept because it is just the one digit. Recently a chiropractor friend of mine spotted that there wa s tiny mark in the middle of the inner crease in the joint. Closer inspection found what looked like the remains of a minute splinter which I had never noticed as it never hurt. I then did some research on the net and discovered that there is a condition called plant/rose thorn tenosynovitis. Does anyone know about this? I do a lot of gardening and this is a possibility. I am waiting for an ultrasound on it but my GP said the NHS may refuse this. It is extremely painful, getting worse and the finger is twisting badly. I am worried that it is causing permanent and irreversible damage. I would be so glad of any help. Nothing I have tried makes any difference at all..

Thanks Adrienne


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